Project 3 Identity For A Product/Brand

Moosies (Tasman Bay Food Co.)

Analysis and Research:

What is special about Moosies?: They are a natural flavored milk freeze (similar to Juicies), 100% made from New Zealand creamy milk, that gives you a great source of calcium. They are an alternative and healthier treat for kids that are on the go.

What makes them unique?: They are a unique and fun food product mainly aimed for kids. This food product is mixed between an ice block and a ice-cream, it is flavored frozen milk packaged like Juicies. From what I know there isn’t really any other frozen products quick like this. There are ice-creams and ice blocks but their just not the same as Moosies are. They have taken the ice-cream product and put their own twist on it. By turning New Zealand creamy milk into a sweet treat.

What is their target group?: This product is targeted at kids on the go and parents of those kids who want a healthy option to treat their kids with, and is available for school canteens throughout New Zealand.

What message should they convey?: They should convey the message of being an alternative, healthy, natural on the go snack for kids.

What atmosphere am I aiming for?: I want to aim for packaging that has a fun, friendly, vibrant and healthy looking atmosphere. I want it to have a energetic sort of feeling that stands out to kids, especially ones who are on the go. Or for parents who want a simple healthy treat to give to their children.

Where will the finished identity be visible? The Identity will be visible on box packaging which holds the individual products, sachets of the Moosies, icecream tubs and also any other marketing items like on websites.

Moosies Flavour Range - Chocolate, Lime, Banana, Blue Moon, and Strawberry
Moosies Vertical Box Chocolate and Strawberry

The photos above are what the original visual identity looks like. Some aspects of this identify will influence ideas for my new design. Obviously I am going to keep the bright pastel colours, as these are the flavors, but instead use them throughout the packaging. I like the simple look of the packaging and still want to keep that theme somewhat throughout the new identity as well. I want to further expand the design of the little drips of milk on the original identity.

This is the old packaging of Moosies, less simple and more literally related to cows through the cow print pattern.

Competition with other brands: The main competitors that Moosies have to look out for are the other specifically New Zealand ice-cream and ice block companies. For example Tip Tops popsicles, these brand represents their similar product through a less simpler packaging design that comes off as more youthful (In my opinion). I would like to make the Moosies packaging come off as a bit more youthful but still keep it simple. The typefaces are more bold a bright, there are more patterns and designs on the packaging compared to Moosies. Both Moosies and TipTop identify their product by having an illustration/photo of it shown on the packaging. Pretty much all of the NZ ice-creams brands identify their product with an image of the actual product its self on the outside. I want to kind of step away from this and try to identify the product inside through another design aspect.

Lemonade Zing

Another example of a New Zealand Ice-cream brand, Kapiti using photography to identify their product.


These are my first initial sketches for a typographic logo and the packaging. The logo was inspired by a font I found on adobe fonts, and the liquid aspect of milk to create a flowing looking font that bleeds into each letter. I also decided to go for a bolder, capital letter font to see if I preferred that over the lower case text. I also want makes sure that the logo of the the typography is cohesive with the packaging.

I went onto illustrator and looked for some different protentional fonts. I was drawn to the fourth and fifth font because of the bubbly drip like look which is what I wanted. I wasn’t completely happy with how it look so I played around with it on AI and created some new typography based off of it.
Here is the typography I created on AI, I got the drippy and bubbly, inspo from another font. I also traced this drip drawing off one of the sketches I drew. I want to either add this to the logo or just on the packaging. You can see the slight improvements on each logo, changing the way the dips fall or look.
This is the main logo at the moment, as well as a pastel and bright colour scheme of the colours I want to use, these are based off the different flavors that Moosies sell.
I did some further experimentation with types of fonts I wanted to use, I ended up going with the font Houschka. I also play around with the pen tool and created a liquid looking pattern that can be used for backgrounds and packaging.

I have finalized my primary and secondary logos. The top right is the main logo and the others are the tagline and the secondary logos on the bottom.