Moosies Design Brief/ Brand Story

Because Moosies are somewhat an imaginary brand, meaning that (they don’t actually want to replace their branding), I will create a design brief that is self initiated because I am not able to ask an actual client of the brand.


TAGLINE: Cool. Dairy. Simple

ABOUT THE BUSINESS: Moosies are a unique and fun food product mainly aimed at kids. This food product is mixed between an ice block and a ice-cream, it is flavored frozen milk packaged like Juicies.

BUSINESS GOALS: To provide a healthier, natural and 100% creamy source of calcium straight from New Zealand, that is a alternative treat for on the go kids.

TARGET AUDIENCE: On the go NZ kids who want to treat themselves to a healthier option, also parents who want to give there kids a boost of calcium and health through a fun treat.

COMPETITIORS: TipTop, Kapiti, Much Moore- Calci Licks, Bulla- Frozen Yoghurt, Paddle Pop- strawberry milkshake.

IDENTITY GOALS: My goals for this new identity is to create a a fun, friendly and colourful packaging that will stand out to kids/younger generation. I want to try and identify the use of the New Zealand milk used to create the product, either by creating typography that gives of liquid/milk vibes, or some sort of packaging patterns that represents milk or cows in some way. I want to change the original typographic to make it look slightly more fun while keeping it minimal to still reference their tagline (cool, dairy, simple).

TYPE OF LOGO: Typographic logo, mainly focusing on the illustrative packaging.

DESIGN PERSONALITY TRAITS: Modern, clean lines, playful, fun, carefree, lively but also minimal.

Brand Story

More than 30 years ago our founder had a vision to create an innovative food production business, using healthy, delicious produce from the Nelson region. The first product he designed was Jucies, they were originally designed as a lunchbox drink, kids then started the trend of eating them frozen. This is were Moosies stem from, a fun flavored frozen milk drink that can be used for a lunchbox drink or an on the go treat.

We believe our packaging for Moosies should be 100% eco friendly. So that’s what we did, all of out box packaging and tubs are made from sustainably sourced wood pulp. Once you’ve emptied the box just chuck it in your compost with your vege scraps and let nature do the rest. Helping the environment doesn’t stop there, our Moosie individual sachets are made from recycled soft plastics and milk bottles, reusing the New Zealand milk bottles, which hold our creamy source of calcium we use to create our healthy dairy treat.

Not only do we care for the environment surrounding us, we care for the children and caregivers who want to support their bodies with a healthy snack. We support and provide Moosies to school canteens throughout New Zealand, we want to help parents and caregivers to be keen about their children eating healither products at school. We give all children throughout many schools access to healthier options that will support their bodies to build and maintain strong bones.

An environmentally friendly boost of health, supporting kids and families on the go.