Week 13 Copywriting for Moosies

The tone of voice I have in mind for the Moosises packaging is, friendly, tasteful, informal, natural, youthful, and happy. As well as being reassuring in a healthy sort of way, that says this product is 100% healthier than other dairy products.

Simple and fun advertising that will stand out to and draw in kids attention to the product.

Ideas for copy:

  1. Go with the brands original copy/slogan which is, Cool. Dairy. Simple. I think that this is quite clever, the product its self is simple with only a few ingredients, and the more minimalist packaging.
  2. For the packaging have short and simple facts about the product like, 100% for kiwis, 100% creamy NZ milk, natural flavors made from natural products.
  3. To make the packaging fun and stand out to kids, I could create some puns that relate to each of the flavors.

Slogan Ideas:

  1. Simply wholesome
  2. Cool. Dairy. Simple.
  3. On the go people love on the go snacks
  4. Just like ice-cream, only healthier
  5. Be apart of the cream team

For each of the five different flavors of Moosies I could create and have a different and creative name for each individual Moosies sachet.

  1. Chocolate: Chocolicious, Chocolate rush.
  2. Strawberry: strawberry pop, strawberry station,
  3. Banana: I’m bananas for you.
  4. Lime: Exciting citrus, lime burst.
  5. Blueberry: Blue Moon

I think I achieved some potential types of copy ideas for my packaging and brand.