Week 15: Reflection and feedback

Reflecting on my learning:

I love how independent this course is in a way, its part time so I was able to set aside my own times that I wanted to study. I had to make sure I was completely things on time and set aside enough time to be able to finish projects,

I really loved the colour aspect of this course. It was fun coming up with different colour schemes that had to represent a different identity. It made me happy when created a very aesthetic colour scheme which worked well. Even though it was slightly difficult for me to come up with copywriting ideas I did enjoy it. I found it interesting how a few words or stories can explain, identify and reach out to specific targets groups that you have designed for. I especially like coming up with ideas for short, happy and funny kinds of copy that put a lighthearted twist on identities. I also found it quite interesting learning the history of different fonts and where they came from, as well as making mood boards and finding the right aesthetic.

I had a reread of the concepts and idea generations PDF and it did make a slight bit more sense from when I first read it. The challenging part of generating ideas is coming up with a completely new idea from scratch, if there are no ideas flowing than it does become tricky for me. This is when the idea generating activities do come in handy. Trying to get my head around all the different tools on ai was sometimes a challenge. I would have an idea and wouldn’t be sure how to execute it on ai, it was then hard to find tutorials because I didn’t really know what I was lookin for.

I have learned a lot of new skills and techniques throughout this whole course from beginning to end and I intend to keep practicing and perfecting these skills in the future to become the best designer I can. I began this course with no knowledge of how to use Illustrator, I can now say that I have learned and can create a visual identity from beginning to end on Illustrator. I learnt how to create a style guide for an identity which will be very useful for the future if I ever have a client who wants a new visual identity.