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Tahiti through words

Tahiti image

Have you ever been to Tahiti? No! Me neither! I’d like to go though. Shall we go together? If you have imagination, I’m sure we can make the journey and together we can Xplore.

Imagine you are lying on a Lilo floating in the calm turquoise sea off the coast of Tahiti. (Or wherever you want to be, my fantasy is in Tahiti.) The sun is warm on your skin, you embrace it openly, lying on your back and feeling the warm rays licking your face and your legs. You have one of those drink holders on your Lilo. In it is a delicious Pimm’s, (or drink of your choice.) My Gran used to make a wonderful Pimm’s, with cucumber and apple and whatever seasonal fruit was around. This one is full of tropical fruits. Pineapple and passion fruit. In my fantasy I am 33, 10 years younger than today. I only have one child who is 10 years old, not 20 like he is now. He is being looked after by his aunty, my sister. We haven’t fallen out yet, so I can bring her into my fantasy.

I am alone floating in the warm water, which laps at my feet and I dip my fingers in. My husband is on the island relaxing at the bar, with the white sand beach stretching out beside him.

But let’s go back to you. This is your fantasy too. Although I am creating it for you.

A breeze blows lightly tossing your hair and providing a refreshing comfort from the heat. The breeze fills your nose with a nice smell coming from the beach. A BBQ cooking some kind of fresh fish with lime squeezed on the flesh. You aren’t very far out from the beach. You have sunscreen smothered on your skin to protect you from being burnt. Your skin is darkening and perhaps here your imagination can factor in that this is in the future and nobody needs sunblock anymore because there is the science to scan you and give you permanent protection depending on the pigment of your skin, so you can just let the healing properties soak right in without worrying about harmful rays damaging your skin and so it really doesn’t matter if your pale or dark the sun will coat you with beneficial vitamin D and anything else that is good.

You sigh now you are really beginning to unwind, no body asking you questions no demands, no bills to pay, no cleaning to do, just relax and – Here you notice somebody on the beach waving their arms wildly. They have a flowered lay around their neck and they have begun to run towards the water. You tilt your sunglasses down on to the tip of your nose. They are shouting something. What is it that they’re saying? you lean forward slightly, straining to hear them.

 Are they saying Bark? Shark? SHARK!

You look around panicked. You see nothing only the calm sea. You look back now there is two other people who have joined the person with the colourful lay around their neck. You note the yellow sun hat on the lady’s head. And the tight speedos the man is wearing, details forever stored in the data base of your brain which seems to have slowed down to take in everything. You again scan the turquoise sea. You see a dark shadow pass underneath you. Your heart skips a beat. What now? You ask.

You have taken your hands and feet out of the water. Perhaps you can paddle


Water swishes around your body you turn fully emerged and face the biggest…

Phew your turn is up. The 3D glasses turn back into normal see through glasses. The virtual reality game is finished today.

I hope you enjoyed this exploring story. A kind of virtual reality experience. It is my aim to explore with you in a variety of ways.


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