#4 Detailing with Textures and Alphas

I tried and used multiple textures, most come from internet pictures that i generated into alphas using Photoshop techniques. I playing around with them a lot moving them around the intensity and there size just to see what looks good.

I used a texture that was originally a picture of bubbles as my main skin for any fish like surfaces e.g. Tentacles, Neck and a little on the tail. I thought it looked quite like a good rough texture for a base. The barnacles make the creature look like its really part of the ocean, i got the idea off of the previous work on “Davy Jones” tentacles. I finished the tail off with the best webbed texture i could find that resembled a ducks foot.

For the bird body section i started off with a more scaly type alpha and thought it didn’t look nature so i changed it to a light fur alpha, this made it look a lot more than a bird than original. I wanted the head/face to have slightly different textures than the rest of the body, seeing it takes most of the impact of the water it will need to be more hydrodynamic, therefore less barnacles unlike the neck and a smoother skin. I used a octopus skin for a smooth look and a less rough different duck skin for its webbed mane.