Colouring with poly-paints

After a thousand variations of the same patterns i ended up with two concepts of colour with my creature, i would of done more but due to time restrictions i was unable to finish more concepts. Although my time restrictions were tight i knew what i wanted because of my references. I ended up going with the yellow and blue, because of the colours really catch your eye. Plus and it resembled the blue ring octopus i wanted to match from the start. The second design i thought might be too dark for the environment its in, making it hard to visualize.

Beak– I changed the beaks shape because i wanted it to open, my last design failed to do that because it was one sub-tool. The beak was easy enough to poly-paint just a simple smooth brown with a black tip.

Neck and Body- This was the hardest decision i made when it came to poly painting my creature. Tahe book i got from the library “A Guide to Squid, Cuttlefish and Octopuses of Australasia” showed me all sorts of colours and variations i could take my creature. but as soon as i noticed the blue ringed octopus i knew i was going to play around with its colours and see if i could come up with a better colour scheme but i pretty mush just copied it in the end.

Bird Body – I had to imagine what a bird looks like with no wings but never the less i managed to put together a fur like colour useing the same alpha i used for the skin texture.

Feet- keeping the duck feet very similar to the reference i used, except darker colours i thought it would be more menacing and be in-sync with the poly paint i used for the bird body.