Vanja Vukelic

An Artist in the Art field that interests me…

Vanja Vukelic

Vanja is an Artist from Vares a small town which is a part of both Bosnia and Herzegovina. She specializes in watercolour artworks, which are absolutely magnificent in my opinion. She is well known on Instagram for her art under the username ‘merakilabbe’. Which with some research I can’t seem to find a definition for this name. She mainly creates pieces for herself which she sells on her website, but she has also done illustrations for books and some skincare companies. The packaging and books look stunning with her work used. Her style is perfect for this sort of thing because it’s not too complex with crazy backgrounds and details; she mainly uses linework and shapes that could easily be transferred onto a package or book.

I want to promote Vukelic because I think her work is powerful and beautiful. She talks about how she wants her work to show the interconnectivity of humans and our planet. Making earth and its beings become one being. Which I think is such a beautiful motive for art, and we can see the beauty in her artwork. Focusing on the female figure, she creates these mystical human – plant hybrids. Most often her figures have no head but instead a plant sprouting from the neck. I think her work creates conversation, it is beautiful and controversial as the women appear naked, surrounded by such beautiful scenery. By looking into Vukelics work I have gained inspiration for my own as her style is similar to work that I love and wish to create. From looking into her website I have seen what she uses to create her works which gives me ideas. I think I have achieved a lot by looking into this woman as she creates powerful feminine work and has created such a good brand for herself, which I wish to do on my own also. She is an inspiration to me, and now hopefully to you.


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