Comparative Research

Xyza is a street photographer from Hong Kong. She currently has an exhibition running at the Christine Park Gallery in New York City called “We are like Air”.

From looking into her promotional work of this event, I can see the most effective ways of promoting an exhibition like this. It is important to reach people in your personal circle, posting on her own Facebook page got Xyza the most engagement, and her instagram has thirty seven thousand followers. But despite these large numbers she’s lucky to get a couple comments and more than 600 likes.

Through each social platform she manages to reach a different target audience. Instagram she reaches like minded people. Artists, photographers and people who are interested in art. While on twitter she reaches people who already follow her but want to be kept up to date on her daily life. Facebook she uses to reach that slighly older generation that doesn’t quite understand instagram and really any other platforms dynamics.

Xyza has done well at reaching the people who care. And thats the most important part.


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