About Jessi Walden

I love the concept of storytelling and how stories can transport you to another world and time, but most of all I love to create words, grouping together letters that might sound strange the first time they are pronounced. I find that creating names for worlds and people can give a story a unique quality.

I am a fulltime creative writing student at Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology. I am also an aspiring author.

Since I was thirteen I have been writing stories, most of which never reached farther than chapter two, whilst others are still hidden in old notebooks that are still to this day shoved in a box under my bed. But, after starting the creative writing course at NMIT I have managed to push myself into writing a novel that has successfully surpassed chapter two.

Born in Australia, I relocated to New Zealand when I was three years old – which is where my parents were born. I come from a long line of farmers so there was never a dull moment in my house, especially on Christmas day. I have only recently moved back to New Zealand after living and working in Australia for the past nine years. I am now back at home with my mum and her devil cat who despite his glare allows me to carry him around like a child and take copious amounts of photos of him.


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