I dislike presenting.
As a fairly confident person, presenting changes my personality in the space of about 3 seconds, so this was a challenge for me.

One way to help with the nerves of presenting: The distraction of some funny slides and the moral support of well written notes.
Being mentally prepared, practicing a few times aloud and focusing on your interest in a subject helps immensely.

The presentation flowed pretty well, beginning with a personal reflection on my experience with tattooing. I then moved on to what aims of the course would be, my goals, objectives and how I would go about marketing it.

Being that I really enjoy this topic, I think that this was conveyed and I was effective in engaging the class – when asked if they would be interested in the course at the end, there were a large number of hands up!

Overall, not such a daunting experience. I may have even enjoyed myself a little.


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