Biodiversity wanted!

Biodiversity wanted!

Globalization is crazy. On one hand, it’s giving us more easy and affordable access to diversity of wine. We can easily find a wine from each continents, but which type of wine? I personally never saw Grolo on shelves around here, or whatever variety of grapes who are under the 20 most popular varieties in the world . Some varieties are just taking over! Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tempranillo, Chardonnay, Syrah, Grenache Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot noir , Ugni Blanc, etc are some of the top varieties. They have advantages to have be adapted to a while range of climate, to be disease resistant, or/and hight crop production with taste and aroma characteristics. They also won on reputation, than consumer are expecting its. It is then, an easy market for all of those. However, it does bring an homogenization of tastes and landscapes. It could be so much richer, knowing than it is existing more than thouthans varieties in the work! There are about 1300 types of wine grapes just for the white wine( And they can not be that weak as they been developed and cultivated for centuries to get 4 caracteristics: (

  – Production: resistance of vines and adaptation to the climat. Selection of sizes, aspects and quantity of berries and grapes. 

  • Fermentation factors: Sugar level, moderate acidity
  • Pigment composition for flavor and aroma
  • Colors

It would also more sustainable to diversify, rising the genetic diversity in areas the other model is fragilizing agriculture. 

The problem is probably culture and economical. 

For example, France is the 2nd country producing wine in the world and also second consumer of the global consumption from IOV 2020 report. Few hundreds of wine vine exist there. They exist and been created by culture and traditions. The fact than French people are drinking a lot their own wine make, probably it worthy. However in the other hand, France has 43% of its production are of the top 10 of varieties of the world, because they also export (3 positions). There is sort of a balance who can be report it to Spain, Italy and Germany with different proportions

The New world is quite different. For example , New Zealand produce way more than the national population could even drink. Even if we stop beer and gin! So because New Zealand production answer more to an export market, it is more about investment than cultural taste, so the risk to explored new markets by trying « minor » varieties is unlikely an economical futur. 91% of our production is from the top 10 varieties. There is also the factor than NZ wine is selling for more over see than is it own country….

It is unlikely than this model will change, but it still at individual scale possible to either drink local or just be more curious about things that we don’t know and open new markets.