Work on a bottling line

Work on a bottling line


Depends on the characteristics of the wine first. Variations by the type of wines and varieties of grapes occur, but for our classic Sauvignon Blanc, it is normally filtrated, free SO2 at 30ppm and CO2 around 1.4g/l, Alcohol, density and Do are also double checked

The bottling line is cleaned like a tank. Caustic and citric run through it (except the filterer) and sterilized with hot water. 

Running : 

Each first bottle of each filler head is take it out, in case the wine is diluted with the water who been use to rinse the line.

Then the following bottle is taste and approved by a winemaker. We put 2 samplings bottles a side, one goes to a lab to check the sterility of the wine. The other stay in the archives as long the wine is on shelve in case there is a complain and we can double check it. Wineworks archive a bottle every hour for each line. A check will then occur from the start and every hour: Speed of the pump, pressure at the filter, at the « snow » and at the head fillers tank, the aspect of bottles, all rinser heads and filler heads, snow dropping, caps correctly screws and thread, label positioning, lot number correctly printed, aspect of cardboard box and correctly printed.

Few records are running around: number of the Item, batch and time of bottle pallets, caps, wine pallets.

Terminal phase:

Once the pallet is wrap it can be dispatch at the right destination.

At the end of bottling, the wine is pushed with nitrogen to avoid dilution, the bottling line can be sterilized again and the area cleaned 

The person who supervise has to be qualified as the machines are not fully reliable and every problems are generating wastes of packagings, time and money. There is also a big responsibility of safety, quality and equipments.