Presentation summary – Nicolas Cole

For my presentation, I want to share with fellow creatives some information about Nicolas Cole and the resources he has made available to us.

Cole is a writer, entrepreneur and expert in personal branding and content creation. He runs his own company that specialises in content creation (Digital Press) but also publishes many resources for free, all available online.

Nicolas Cole started out by writing a gaming blog when he was 17. He was highly ranked in World of Warcraft and his blog went absolutely viral. From there, he became a well-known fitness blogger (also publishing a number of e-books on diet and fitness programs) and then established himself as a thought leader in the world of content creation, personal branding and creativity.

As creatives, I feel that it is important that we learn to market ourselves effectively and custom content is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways of doing that. It is a great way of boosting SEO and gaining trust and conversions from potential clients.

Nicolas Cole offers articles on Medium and writes a daily column for Inc. Magazine. He also offers tons of free and paid resources on his personal website. Cole has published some very budget friendly resources including The Viral Toolkit. He dedicates himself to helping others learn to find their own unique voice online and create effective custom content. He also publishes articles on creativity, productivity and well-being.  It is all super easy to download and subscribe to, I really hope that you all will check it out and have a read!

Nicolas Cole – writer, entrepreneur and founder of Digital Press.
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