ARTSY; Blogs supporting Art Commerce

 “Artsy’s mission is to make all the world’s art accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.  They are a platform for collecting and discovering art.”

Artsy is a company that uses blogs to promote thier company, products and artists.  The company itself is an artists and art collectors equivalent of Trade Me.   It lists artworks for sale and connects purveyors of art, galleries, artists and other interested parties, such as auction companies.  It is possible to browse over 50,000 artists and view their works online.  Collectors wishing to sell their art can list with Artsy or link the sale to a gallery or auction house.

Blogs with titles such as ‘The Art of the Law: Protecting Artists’ Right to Create’ are composed by Artsy employees; others by art critics, authors and artists have been hosted or promoted by Artsy.  They therefore control the content of all blogs to promote thier own commercial interests despite the descriptor of ‘Sharing stories and learnings from inside Artsy, the online platform for discovering and collecting art’.


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