Modern Day Slavery – Presentation Summary

There are more slaves in the world today than in any time in human history. Some, in developed countries will disbelieve this fact, and are unwilling to accept that their rampant consumerism influences global slavery.

It is difficult therefore, in a 15 minute presentation to both educate individuals about the nature of modern day slavery, and expose their influence on the practice. Further, the fact that they can help to reduce the demand for products that are sourced using slave labour is beyond comprehension.

Therefore I deliberately intended to quickly shock the audience with relevant facts and poignant images of modern day slaves, covering all aspects of what is considered slavery (from child labour to forced marriage). Rather than leave them stunned, perhaps feeling helpless, I then provided them with information on what they can do to help.

A variety of media were provided so that the audience could educate themselves further, make ethical choices and help to educate others (my three key points). Please refer to the attached Toolkit Summary for a list of resources (digital, text, doco, app etc). See most of the PowerPoint here.


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