Lens Based Media and Moving Imagery

Lens Based Media is any type of media that, funnily enough, uses a lens; from still photos to stop-motion, animation and cinematography. It may also include other forms of imagery captured by radio-waves, x-ray, sonar, sound (i.e. ultrasound) which use a lens to project the image.

Moving imagery is any image that is not static (i.e. a still photograph or painting).  It could be as simple as a Zoetrope or flip-book, through to moving images captured by the Hubble telescope in the infra-red spectrum.

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/3b/Phenakistoscope_3g07692d.gif  Artist: Eadweard MUYBRIDGE, 1830-1904. TITLE The zoopraxiscope* – Athletes – Boxing (No. 2, title from item.) SUMMARY: Images on a disc which when spun gives the illusion of two men boxing.

As a cinephile, I enjoy quality art-house style movies such as Schindler’s List,  Amelie and Pans-Labyrinth as well as non-fiction action-drama’s such Saving Private Ryan or Under Hill 60.  I grew up watching stop-motions such as Gumby and Hanna-Barbera animations (Tom and Jerry et al.).  As a parent I enjoyed taking my sons to the new Pixar Productions such as the Toy Story franchise and Wall-e .  I shy away from so called ‘Hollywood Blockbusters’ which follow a predictable formula.


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