The Importance of Sound

What is one song which has special meaning to you and why?

Funky-Town by 1980’s Australian band Pseudo Echo. During this period  I was in my 20’s, a young Police Officer in Wellington.  I was dating and spending time in night-clubs on my time off.  I had met my wife to be and this was “our-song”, every time it came on, we would get up and dance.  Now it is rarely played on radio with the exception of channels dedicated to 80’s music.  Due to the bitter nature of our separation and divorce this song only stimulates bad memories so I avoid hearing it whenever possible.

What connotations (thoughts and associations) do you have with heavy metal?

To me Heavy-Metal is a very masculine form of Rock.  It is most often performed by male musicians, and is driven by thumping bass and drums, acoustic breaks and solos by the lead guitar.  Lyrics and the ability to sing appear secondary to the music.  I have always liked some heavy-metal, such as Metallica, Blind-Spott etc.  It is great that New Zealand band Devil-Skin is currently challenging the genre with a female lead singer.

What connotations do you have with piano instrumentals?

For 3 years while at school I studied piano. I learned to read music and play, mostly classical pieces that were examination pieces for the Royal Schools of Music.  I therefore have an appreciation for classical music and the piano in particular.  Usually in film, classical piano is used to trigger emotions or feelings in the audience, but this depends on the composition.  Often it is used to give the feeling of an ‘upper-class’ scenario, a sad or poignant moment.

What message do you think silence gives in a movie?

Silence in a movie can be powerful as we are often bombarded with backing music being used to set a mood.  Without the audible queues that music provides, the viewer is obliged to focus more on the visual.  The message given is that the visual is more important and critical to the plot, character development or whatever else is happening on screen at the time.


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