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I am wanting to promote my product by firstly establishing a website and to co-ordinate an event in collaboration with a small group of Nelson creatives looking to connect and showcase their artwork in the form of paper, wood and natural upcycled materials.​ ​

I have been following The Little Beehive co-op for some time on Facebook, Instagram and connected as a subscriber to promotion, products, and sales through their website.  This is my goal, to establish a website and eventually have a small premises where I can sell my products with others in the like.

The Little Beehive was established in 2014 by two Nelson creatives, Paula Ossevoort and Rachael Brown.  The idea was sparked, the building was found and with an addition of a selected bunch of talented like-minded artists, were able to open their doors to the public. ​

​The small 4m sq shop space had two rooms with six workstations and a hallway space for exhibitions as well as an area to run workshops.  Over the years, they evolved having members come and go and the shop took off and became a great success.  After completion of new shop fittings and walls taken down, the shop doubled in size at their Hardy Street store. ​

After four and a half years an opportunity to relocate to a Bridge Street building arose.  Together with a new logo and a fresh look, moved to Bridge Street which is where they reside today. ​


​​The Little beehive reaches a large target of audiences on an international scale.  From home and gifts, skincare and health, to made in Nelson, they have covered pretty much everything a gift store should be.  Their target audience is the general public/consumer.​ Being a retail shop, it is crucial the way the staff speak and present themselves to the customer.  The staff are welcoming, knowledgeable, and happy to assist you.  From a simple ‘hello, how has your day been’, can immediately break the ice allowing the customer to feel at ease in the environment. ​ The Little Beehive has a comprehensive website with easy to navigate directories.  Targeting all audiences once again, it has also gained a reputable position in Nelson. 


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