Covid19 | Isolation Project

My concept is a self-portrait in isolation during the Covid19 lockdown. It is a sculpture of
my face covered in a mask that limits my ability to communicate, show feelings, and interact with others. A feeling of restriction.
The power cables are my only connection to the outside world and source to day to
day activities through the use of social media. They replicate internet connections, failure to connect, the feeling of being consumed with so much outside information leading around Covid19, it is smothering.

The sculpture is designed to draw in an audience to take a closer look. There is detailing at a 360-degree angle and encourage the viewer to walk around it.

The scale is almost human size as the head is a cast of myself. The form is 3D and can be seen at various angles as you walk around it.
The main colour is white which signifies being in a sterile environment during lockdown. It also represents purity, blankness, starkness, and cleanliness. Colour is limited in the sculpture and can only been seen when you get closer to it. This is demonstrated with the exposed electrical cords in the power cable.

I enjoyed this project and was able to express my intimate
thoughts, energy, and actions into it.


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