T h e P a p e r S h e d

The Paper Shed was an idea I had as a student studying Level 5 Art and Design at NMIT. The first semester was coming to an end and I was finishing in completing my diploma. I wondered, what do other leaving students do after this course? Do they have a job to go too? Have they established relationships within the arts sector to promote their art? Are they capable of doing it alone out in that big wide world we live in?

To me the answer was clear….no.

I wanted to get the word out that, yes, there is a niche for “beginners” starting out in the art world and wanted to create a platform that can be utilized for that purpose. So I came up with the idea of creating a website called The Paper Shed.

The Paper Shed will consist of several local artists who are currently studying Art and Design at NMIT who share the same passions, and from this, form a Co-Op. By making these connections and collaborations, I want a place where they can showcase their work in a shared fun space and sell directly online to the public.

Together we share our online shop responsibilities and overheads to maintain the website.  In return, our members keep 100% of their profits, so every time you make a purchase from a member, an actual person does a little virtual dance!‚Äč

In promoting The Paper Shet Co-Op, I am wanting to hold an event evening open to the public, to meet, collaborate, and to showcase some of our artist’s work. This will deliver good exposure for the artists in order to get them known as fresh-faced studying artists out into our community. There will be light refreshments served, a talk from each artist, telling a little about their backgrounds, exhibits and floor talks.

All in all, this is a start for new beginning’s for the Co-op and in holding this event, would provide them a back bone in promoting and selling their art.


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