Monica Cross-Her creative life so far.

Monica was raised in Golden Bay with strong feminist values in a creative environment of pottery, painting, drawing and constructing animal enclosures free from the distraction of television. Her mother and Grandfather are both artists and have influenced her art in their own way. 

“My mum is a sculptor. . . she writes and she plays music and. . . does a lot of things creatively,” and “my Grandad has an affinity for detail and . . . traditional style.” these influences are both apparent in her work.  

She moved to Nelson from Golden Bay when she was sixteen and has traveled in Australia, Thailand, Scotland, England, the Netherlands, Berlin, Rome, Portugal, exploring the old architecture and art galleries.  And if she could travel anywhere in the world, Antarctica would be next on her list, photographing, filming and hanging out with the penguins.

Monica mainly works in watercolour and has an interest in trying her hand at tattooing if the opportunity arises. She has sold art through cafes and online, this includes prints of her work and commission pieces.  Monica is self-taught, fully utilising the world of “YouTube” and Instagram in late-night learning sprees, squeezing in creativity between work-shifts.

Previously she has worked for a social media company, writing about and photographing food and drink. She already has experience of illustration in a graphic design context. Despite her many and varied experiences in art and design Monica is studying arts and design level 5 at NMIT.  She felt that there was still room for learning different mediums, having access to equipment, materials and being able to study and create full-time.  Monica Cross has already packed a lot into her lifetime, and I have a feeling that there is a lot more yet that we can expect from her.

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