AAD511 Communications Assessment 6 – Event Promotion

    Nathan Forbes is a multimedia artist based in Wellington, New Zealand. He is currently studying his Bachelor of Arts at Victoria University of Wellington. I have had the privilege of studying and working with him closely, and my project is about promoting his work as an artist and designer.​ Goals: to promote Nathan to the New Zealand community as an artist and designer. ​ ​ Objectives: ​ To host an exhibition of Nathan’s work at a Nelson art gallery, and to promote it via the following platforms:​ Facebook​ Twitter​ Instagram​ Print advertising (newspaper, flyers and posters)​ Email ​ I will be using a range of media for event promotion in order to reach a large and diverse group of people. This is to…

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    Comparative Research – Ben Quilty and the use of Social Media as an artist

    In my personal research, I have come across the works of Australian artist Ben Quilty. I am fascinated by his strong political ideas and his thick impasto brushstrokes. Ben Quilty began his arts career at the Sydney College of the Arts, graduating with a Bachelor of Visual Arts specialising in painting in 1994. He then went on to further study visual communications, design and women’s studies at Western Sydney University. Quilty has won several prizes for portraiture, including the Archibald Prize (2011) and the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize (2009.) In late 2011, he spent time with the Australian Defense Force as their official war artist. It is clear that…

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    Share Idea – Nathan Forbes

    Nathan Forbes is a multimedia artist based in Wellington, New Zealand. He is currently studying his Bachelor of Arts at Victoria University of Wellington. I have had the privilege of studying and working with him closely – as a fellow student artist, I feel it is my duty to show my support for him and his amazing work. Nathan’s work draws heavily on the spiritual and supernatural side of human nature. While occasionally dark and broody, it offers insight into parts of the psyche that are considered taboo, such as death and sexuality. Nathan has been working in many mediums since his childhood, but is especially proficient in digital painting…

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    Artist Biography: Fiona Jenks

    I recently had the privilege of sitting down with my classmate, friend, and fellow artist Fiona Jenks and discussing her work. Fiona is a talented jeweler and ceramicist whose work always sparks joy in those who see it. Fiona’s artistic journey began with her sister, who is a painter specialising in watercolours. Like Fiona, she began her studies in arts and design as an adult student. For the past five years, they have both been exploring the use of ceramics within diverse applications – ceramic plaques, recycled pieces of china in jewelry and mosaics. The motif of restoration and recycling china and older materials is prominent in Fiona’s work –…

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    Personal practice: photography

    When I started studying Art and Design, I firmly planted myself into the category of “illustrator and painter.” However, I did not and could not limit myself to only studying and practicing in those areas. Therefore, I found myself interested in photography, collage, and jewelry design simply by being exposed to them. In particular, I found the creative freedom I had in Jessica Shirley’s Lens Based Media class very helpful to actually form a new interest. The barrier that had stopped me being interested in photography was not a lack of interest in beautiful pictures, but the financial cost that was associated with the tools and editing software that was…

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    Personal practice: oil painting

    This semester in our Image Making class we have been exploring oil painting techniques under the wing of the very talented Catharine Salmon. She specialises in working in a way that is conscious of the environment, free from turpentine use and paint wastage. Our first study was of a painting by Avigdor Arikha called Baguettes Viennoises. Arikha has built up his layers of paint very thinly, exposing the colours underneath. As an acrylic artist, I have used translucent layering techniques before in the past, but never in this medium. I am really interested in the way translucent layering can be used to create depth and rich colours. However, this study…

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    In a recent Communications class, we talked about the Japanese concept of “ikigai” – similar to the French raison d’être. This is your purpose in life – cue Avenue Q music – your drive. A lot of people are creative without aim or ambitions to pursue their creative interests as a career, but that doesn’t mean they lack an inner sense of ikigai, just that it is directed towards a different vocational area. As the above diagram illustrates, one’s purpose is something that transcends a singular category. One may be good at many things, none of which they are passionate about. As an artist, I feel incredibly privileged that the…


    ☆About the author☆

    My name is Zoe Rousselle, and I am a student of the Diploma of Arts and Design at NMIT in Nelson, New Zealand. I was born and raised here, and live in The Brook with my family and our dog Latte by the Maitai river. My mother and her family have really inspired me to be a creative person. At a young age they had me interested in both visual and performing arts, and I was lucky to study a wide range of music in addition to drawing and painting. I specialise in painting and illustration, though I am also interested in jewelry and sculpture. My personal practice is in…

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