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Nathan Forbes is a multimedia artist based in Wellington, New Zealand. He is currently studying his Bachelor of Arts at Victoria University of Wellington. I have had the privilege of studying and working with him closely – as a fellow student artist, I feel it is my duty to show my support for him and his amazing work.

Nathan Forbes, Feast, digital, 2019

Nathan’s work draws heavily on the spiritual and supernatural side of human nature. While occasionally dark and broody, it offers insight into parts of the psyche that are considered taboo, such as death and sexuality.

Nathan has been working in many mediums since his childhood, but is especially proficient in digital painting – often working with advanced software to achieve the desired effect in his work. His ability to move between different techniques while retaining his unique sense of style has made his work a delight to view.

Nathan Forbes, Portrait of Claude, digital, 2019

I want to promote Nathan’s business to a larger platform. Despite being fairly active on Instagram, I would like to expand his social media use to reach a larger engaged audience. With the right marketing, I believe he could achieve much greater success and obtain more clients to work with.

I am lucky to have both befriended and commissioned such a talented soul. I hope that you all are inspired by his determination, creativity, and energy, and will support him along with me in this project.

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