Challenges for the Wine Industry

I think there are some major issues that will affect the Global Wine Industry, some are Climate change; Water; the health lobby and wine labelling.

We differently saw a decrease in wine consumption in 2018 in the US. You can say this for many other countries and I am trying to think why? Is it that cocktails are coming back into fashion? Or is it that Spirits are becoming popular, especially Gin, or is the Craft Beer market that is taking off. I think it is all of these!!!

In California, the Craft beer market has taken off!! I have been to some breweries in Orange County that are bigger than Marisco , the winery I work for. On top of this I think America still has a fascination with cocktails. I do think Gin consumption has gone up in the world, especially China. I do think China likes the very best of the western world. Is it that the wine drinker is turning to beer or gin?? Maybe all true but China is trying to buying up the best French vineyards and California make a good Chardonnay, Just kidding California don’t make a good chardonnay, they just think they do, hehe.

I think it is a lot more serious than that. Climate change, Water use, health lobby, wine labelling. These are the major issues that the global wine industry are facing and has to try and fix.

Climate change is the big one I think, just ask anyone in Australia. Even in California or even in Oregon. All these places have or are experiencing major fires! No winery or vineyard is going to pick fruit with any signs of smoke taint. That means is you don’t pick fruit, no wine to produce, no wine to consume.

Water – Should countries be exporting precious water in bottles of cheap wine? Will people become resentful of the wine industry’s use of water, as happened in South Africa? Consumers aren’t yet talking about water usage, but that day can’t be far off, and the global wine industry will have to justify its use of irrigation.

The Health lobby – Oh yay, my favourite, the fun police. Governments are increasingly vocal about the dangers of alcohol and the World Health Organisation declared that there is no safe level of consumption of alcohol. The wine industry has imagined that it’s immune from the effects of these warnings, thinking that wine in moderation is good for you. The wine industry in general, should be wary of making any health claims about wine.

Wine Labelling – Wine sold in the EU will have an ingredients label. This means wine exporting to some important markets ( Sweden, Germany, Ireland ) will have to reveal how the wine is made. How will this react with the consumer? Will the consumer turn to more natural, un-filtered wine?

I do think that the global wine industry is very smart and the people running the wineries will not let anything drastic happen to the industry.