Global Wine Industry

Is it a good thing for NZ????? Absolutely and for Italy, France and Spain! So I found it very interesting the top 3 wine producing countries in the world and two of them are in the top 5 consumers in the world!

So in 2019 the top 10 wine producing in the world are….. and the winners are……

#1 Italy – 47.1 million hectolitres!!! Very proud that my mother is Italian !!!

#2 France – 42.1 mhl No surprises there.

#3 Spain – 33.5 mhl OH LAY !!!

#4 USA – 24.1

#5 Argentina – 13 Their vines are as high as MT Cook!!!

#6 Australia – 12 Where would they be if Kiwis didn’t drink their Shiraz

#7 Chile – 11.9

#8 South Africa – 9.7

#9 Germany – 9 Thank God for Riesling !!!

#10 China – 8.3 Watch ‘Red Obsession’ great doco!!

#14 New Zealand – 3 mhl Thank God for Sav Blanc.

I found it interesting that Germany wasn’t higher. Just quietly I think there is nothing better than a nice German Riesling! Very surprised Argentina was #5 but then again I don’t really like Lionel Messi, I’m more of a Cristiano Ronaldo fan.

So NZ was #14 producing 3 million hectolitres a year. That is 1.1% of the worlds total wine. If you think about it, that’s not bad going for our little country!

The top 5 consuming wine countries are USA, France, Italy, Germany and China. I am fascinated to see Germany in there, I thought they liked a good wheat beer. But here is something to talk about and that is Italy and France are in the top 5 consumers and the top 2 producers. I think they do like their own wine or is it that France produce the best in the world!!

New Zealanders are consuming a fairly constant 20 litres of wine per adult. So Kiwis are not drinking anymore than they were 10 years ago, only difference is we are drinking 30% of other countries wine, mainly Australia. Are our taste buds changing?

I found that nearly 90% of our wine is exported overseas!! That is $1.83 billon dollars. So the world loves our wine, just not us. Or do wineries get a lot more $$$ overseas rather than selling to the local market?

Another thing about consumption is the top 4 most expensive countries on average per US dollar to buy a bottle of wine:

NZ – $5.86 US dollars

FRA – $5.69

ITA – $3.84

AUS – $3.24

We are the most expensive place to buy wine. I still think we don’t charge enough for our wine. We could be making so much more $$$.

And my last interesting fact ( rant ) is 43% of all wine is consumed in another country than where it is produced! So I wonder if people just want something different than what they are use to or do they want something that they can compare they own wine to? This leads me to believe that our industry (the wine industry) and the Global Wine Industry is not fading away any time soon. This makes me very happy!!!!