The Market Place

The Market Place

I think if you want to start your own label it is very important to tell your story. Everything you do must be telling the buyer or consumer your story first.

When marketing you must remember the 4 P’s. Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. You might think your product(wine) is brilliant, but you have to convince your customer that. Its important to know your competitor too. You have to ask yourself is my product ( wine ) for the wealthy customer who knows about wine and has a small collection that would anyone jealous or for the average joe who a red with his BBQ or is it an easy drinking cheap Pinot Gris for ‘Karen’ to drink.

Price – You have to think who your product is for. Once you know that, then you can price your wine accordingly.

Place – This doesn’t mean you should try to get your wine on the top shelf of your local New World or Countdown. You must provide customers a place to find your wine. You must have a website where people can get to read and know your story and about you. These days you need to be on Facebook or Instagram, especially Instagram. The younger generation no longer use facebook, they think its a bit old school. Your website must be mobile friendly, something that is easy to read a phone screen, people live on their phones these days.

Promotion – Something I find extremely important. This doesn’t mean putting your wine on sale so people will hopefully buy it because its cheap. It is getting your product out there for everyone to see it. Maybe a way is to support or sponsor an event. For example, There is the Marlborough Wine race. It is a yacht race from the sounds to Wellington, across Cook Strait. Each boat is represented by a winery and takes their newest Sav Blanc with them in the race. Every winery that enters is promoted with flags and banners and all wines are available to drink at the prize giving. It is another way for people to see and taste your wine.

And YES the boat I was racing on WON and our wine was the NED.

Something else that is useful is a SWOT analysis. It stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. This can be very helpful if you do an analysis on your product and even yourself.

I think the most important thing to do and to remember is Tell Your Story !!!