AAD529 Sam Smith Week 6

The Grossglockner
Poster by Eduard von Handel-Mazetti

The visual elements strongly represented in this poster are the pickaxe and the mountains behind. This gives an impression of being on top of the mountain, as well as seeing it from afar. The emphasis is placed on the pickaxe, with your eye then drawn to the background.

Your eye is first drawn to the pickaxe as its in the forefront. The size of this along with the size of the mountain in the background are to show the sheer size of the Grossglockner. This is a great use of proportion.

The poster is predominantly blue and white to show the sky and the snow on the mountains. This creates a softer feeling to the poster. Brown is also used for a good portion of the poster to show you stood on the mountain with your pickaxe in the ground. The brown of the dirt looks a lot sharper and creates a rugged feel.

The font used is very fitting for a German poster. Its simple yet has a slight flare to it. The size of the font makes the font stand out and be easy legible.

The whole poster shows a great rule of thirds.

Franz Josef Glacier
Poster by H L Young Ltd

Your eye is drawn to the Hotel with its bright red roof, you then work through the poster to the trees Infront, then the mountains, then the glacier and then the text up the top, then bottom.

The green used in the poster really pops and shows a sense of nativity. It also works really well with the white of the snow.

The trees and greenery are soft while the mountains and the snow are sharp. The contrast between these two show an inviting place to stay, while being so close to the rugged side of nature.

The rule of thirds is also used in this poster, with the entrance to the hotel and the hotel being in the bottom third, the mountains and glacier in the middle, and the sky and main text in the top third.

The font used is a mix of sans serif and italics sans serif. The font used for “Frans Josef” has snow added to tie the snow in. This gives a cold feeling.

The text down the bottom iterates how close you can get to the glacier while staying in the hotel.