Team Bonding Activities

My team participated in The Bamboo Stick balancing activity.
The activity was to balance the bamboo stick on the index finger while standing and while balancing it we had to bring it down. Our team did a great job of balancing the stick and completing the task. It was very interesting to perform such activity we learned how to do teamwork with full co-ordination.
Here is how we performed our task:
We balanced the stick on our index finger and started to look at each other’s faces to co-ordinate on the pace to bring the stick down.
The activity was quite easy to be honest because of the understanding between all of us, we made this possible without making it fall even once.
The trick we used was- understanding by communication. We communicated well by instructing each other when the stick went even a little bit out of balance. Being most interested in this activity, I was the one who guided everyone very well. And without any doubt everyone let me take the lead because of my confidence. Before starting the task, I explained to everyone the techniques we should use to bring down the stick and all of them followed me well.
The challenges we faced were a lack of prior planning and a lack of interest.
Yet, we did very well in the activity and has understood each other’s way of understanding things.