Practise modelling version 2 Kuirau: May 13

Arnold, S.J (2020, May 13). Kuirau model version 2. Screenshot by author

I revisited the second version of my Kuirau model a couple of days later while the tutorial from ARTV was still fresh in my mind. This time it all went relatively smoothly and the polygons were all square like they should be. What a difference to the model. She was really starting to look like something. I could see that my idea of what she might look like was still too complex really for my skill level but decided the practise was invaluable and I would just do what I could.

Arnold, S.J (2020, May 13). Re-working arm extrusion. Screenshot by author

I went back to the arms because I still couldn’t quite get them right. I extruded them again and moved them downwards to get closer to the reference image form. Here I could see I was going to run into trouble for two reasons. Firstly because moving them done was thinning them out horrible and secondly because I should have drawn the reference images with the arms extended straight out from the side. But I did do better this time in scaling the end of the arms into a face for extruding the hand next.

Arnold, S.J (2020, May 13). Still not liking arm extrusion. Screenshot by author

I started work on giving the legs and feet shape and volume next bu adding Edge Loops and manipulating them to fit the references. When I got to this point I went back to the tutorial with the simple low polygon character and followed her again. Step one smooth the character then start extruding the thumb out of the hand.

Arnold, S.J (2020, May 13). Smooth character ready to delete half. Screenshot by author
Arnold, S.J (2020, May 13). Delete ring of faces. Screenshot by author

I deleted the left screen side of the model and then created another instance in Duplicate Special.

Arnold, S.J (2020, May 13). Create instance in Duplicate Special. Screenshot by author

Instance created it was time to work on the foot shape, adding volume and making sure they were flat on the floor. Up to this point I was really pleased with my progress. The polygons all looked good and nothing was too horrendously out of shape.

Arnold, S.J (2020, May 13). Shaping feet. Screenshot by author
Arnold, S.J (2020, May 13). Feet done. Screenshot by author

Even though I wasn’t planning to try toes I did try to stick to the flat wide shape I originally had in mind for my character.

Arnold, S.J (2020, May 13). Shaping legs and knees. Screenshot by author

Even though her super narrow waist shape was a cool idea it certainly took a bit of doing to get it to look good, but I was pleased with the shape overall, and I was really pleased with her legs / knees. I was nowhere near ready or able to think about creating toes so just went with the solid foot idea from the tutorial that got me to this point.

Arnold, S.J (2020, May 13). Body and legs modelled. Screenshot by author

Once again I had trouble with extruding the arms using the tutorial method, but I was pleased with the legs.

Arnold, S.J (2020, May 13). Shaping the knees using Target Weld tool. Screenshot by author

Onto the job of creating knees. This time with all the polygons looking tidy I found using the Target Weld tool much easier. Then Maya had a melt down because I had totally forgotten to clear my history. Several weird things happened. I had some how grabbed middle vertices when I shouldn’t and the two halves of Kuirau’s body had not only come apart in places but some of the vertices had been scaled or moved differently. I tried to fix it but it was hopeless. Then somehow I completely lost my camera in the perspective view, not even the grid would show. I zoomed way in and out and all sorts of things but couldn’t get anything to work. Off for a Google search and found others had the same issue on the forums, so I tried their fix of creating new cameras. I think I created 5. But when you clicked on the newly created camera and went to work on something it would all disappear again. I couldn’t move on without that view, so, once again in total frustration I abandoned ship. Time to start over with version 3….