Issues with mesh and resolution: June 15 – 21

For quite some time I had been bothered by a strange line around the torso of my model, but it really became noticeable after I selected the torso and arms and combined them. I decided to fix it before carrying on with joining the hand on to the arm.

Arnold, S.J (2020, June 15). Creating image plane background. Screenshot by author

I first went into vertex mode and had a go moving some of them, thinking maybe I had joined some together accidentally when joining others. While I was doing this I noticed that there seemed to be some extra faces piled on top of each other. I went into face mode in wire frame so I could see and found a couple of extra faces. Goodness only knows when they were created. That still didn’t fix the problem so I changed into edge mode and started selecting and deleting edges. I don’t even know how many of these I deleted, it seemed to go on forever and still there were more.

Arnold, S.J (2020, June 15). Deleting duplicate faces and vertices. Screenshot by author

After a while I decided to just delete the whole mid section of the model, and then rebuild just that section using the append to polygon tool. At first that seemed like the ideal solution, but then I encountered the strange problem I had had with the first version of the hand. I could not add vertices to the edges at all. Klaas had a look online and it said the polygons needed to be square or triangular, so clearly there were still problems there. In the end out of sheer frustration with the whole thing I went back to an earlier version of the model and started over.

I do think there must have been a problem I didn’t pick up when I did the duplicate special function to create the right hand side of the model. With the earlier version of the model open I deleted the whole right hand side of the model and went through the duplicate special function again. No extra lines this time thank goodness. I selected everything, combined them, then went around and merged all of the vertices where there was a join. The last part that needed merging was down the centre of the model, you can see there is a crease down the centre of the model where I have snapped the vertices together but not merged them yet.

Arnold, S.J (2020, June 21). All merged except centre line now. Screenshot by author
Arnold, S.J (2020, June 21). All merged. Screenshot by author