Modelling the head: June 30 – July 6

Once I had the bulk of the model done I decided to have a go at remodelling the head I had kit bashed onto the model. I opened a new scene and imported my original images of Kuirau as image planes. I decided to work with just the left side of the model so that whatever I did would be replicated on the right when I duplicated her later. I opened my last version of the mode and deleted the right side. Then started the process of moving vertices and edge about to shape the head against the reference images, swapping from front to side view and in and out of 1 & 3 to check how it was looking. I’m hopeful that I will be able to achieve the look I was after for Kuirau.

Arnold, S.J (2020, July 2). Model with right side deleted. Screenshot by author
Arnold, S.J (2020, July 2). Lining Kuirau model up against image plane in Front view.. Screenshot by author
Arnold, S.J (2020, July 2). Lining model up with reference image in Side view. Screenshot by author
Arnold, S.J (2020, July 3). Shaping Kuirau’s head against reference image. Screenshot by author
Arnold, S.J (2020, July 3). Scaling down the ears. Screenshot by author

Happy with the side profile at the front at least, I set about working on the ears. I didn’t like the idea of having normal sized ears because she is a creature who lives in mud pools, so I scaled down the ones on the head I had kit bashed and spent quite a lot of time fixing up the shape after that. I wasn’t completely happy with the ears so I left that mission for now and went into Front view and started working on shaping the eye sockets.

Arnold, S.J (2020, July 4). Shaping eye sockets. Screenshot by author

I was quite pleased with the initial shaping against the reference image and moved on to going around the head pulling it into shape.

Arnold, S.J (2020, July 4). Side profile showing shaping of Kuirau’s head. Screenshot by author

The ears were still bothering me because when I scaled the original ones down they got all out of shape. I also needed to do a lot more work around the mouth and the chin. After spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to sort out the ears I decided my best option time wise was to try kit bashing the ears off one of the heads I got from Turbosquid. First off I deleted all of the faces on Kuirau’s head that made up the ear area.

Arnold, S.J (2020, July 5). Deleting the ear from Kuirau model prior to kit bashing new ear on. Screenshot by author

Then I went to the Turbosquid head and had a good look at how the ears were attached. It was relatively simple to cut the ear off which I did by again deleting faces on the head. Next step line everything up on Kuirau and then start snapping vertices together.

Arnold, S.J (2020, July 5). Kit bash ear prior to joining to Kuirau’s head. Screenshot by author

Once I had all of the vertices snapped together I combined the lot and merged them. I had a close look at the entire model and when I was satisfied with how she looked I did a Duplicate Special action to duplicate everything I had done on the left over to the right.

Arnold, S.J (2020, July 5). Kuirau model after Duplicate Special action. Screenshot by author

Success. I had a complete model. I spent the next few hours working on the head are mostly. First off I combined the two halves and merged all of the vertices together. This done I got onto finishing off the shaping around the eyes, then I kit bashed some eyes in from the same Turbosquid model. That done I needed to create some eyelids. This took ages but it was well worth doing properly. I added more edge loops to help with the shaping of the face and head before focussing on the mouth.

Arnold, S.J (2020, July 6). Kuirau with eyes, eyelids and mouth complete. Screenshot by author

Kuirau was really starting to look like something. The mouth was the last thing that still bothered me. I’m not sure why but the right hand side of the mouth was completely different to the left side. I think it was probably when I was working on another area and inadvertently picked up a vertex or edge or face I shouldn’t have.

Arnold, S.J (2020, July 6). Kuirau complete ready for UV mapping. Screenshot by author

Finally, after all kinds of trials and tribulations I had my model complete. She has ears, eyes, eyelids and the shape I was after. She looks pretty good when I view her in 3. A huge relief to be honest, but I have learned so much from modelling her. I think I have learned more from all the mistakes and the things that have gone wrong than the things that went well. Time to go and look at a few tutorials on uv mapping so I can give her some ‘skin’.

Arnold, S.J (2020, July 7). Ready for UV mapping. Screenshot by author
Arnold, S.J (2020, July 7). Side view of completed model. Screenshot by author