Kitbash foot version 3: June 28 – 29

Archii. (2019, May 2). Foot 3d [Low poly 3d mesh].

I bought myself another low poly foot from Turbosquid to kit bash onto my character’s leg. It had more or less the right amount of polygons to stitch together and had good looking toes I thought I could do something with to model Kuirau’s design. Right from the start I had problems though. It began with importing the foot obj into Maya, the foot came into Maya in 3 seperate pieces which seemed bizarre. I deleted it and started again. Same thing. So I selected all of the parts and did a Combine function. At least I now had one foot. I got the foot attached to the leg without too many problems and merged all of the vertices after combining the foot and the model.

Arnold, S.J (2020, June 30). Feet attached but showing weird dark shapes that turned out to be way more trouble than it was worth. Screenshot by author

There was some strange looking areas on the foot though so I went in for a closer look and here I discovered that all of the vertices were seperate still, and they were pulled out of place, it was a jumbled mess and the more I looked the more I found. I was working on this in class, and Klaasz couldn’t make sense of it either. I didn’t take screenshots at the time as i was really frustrated and trying to sort it out. In the end after talking with Klass I decided to give up on the idea of having nice modelled feet and went back to my Animation Methods guy to create plain little ‘boot’ type feet. Another day of frustration and lost time.

Arnold, S.J (2020, June 30). Using fill hole function after extruding a foot from the leg. Screenshot by author
Arnold, S.J (2020, June 30). Simple ‘boot’ style foot. Screenshot by author
Arnold, S.J (2020, June 30). Adding geometry to the cap. Screenshot by author

Once the boot was complete I felt a lot happier, I did learn a lot about processes as I went along. One of things I noted once I had time to calm down was that I actually knew more than I thought I did about the different things to try and the different tools to use. So it was not a total waste of time trying the kit bashing idea. I used the modelled foot because I am very conscious of how time consuming modelling is and I really wanted to model the characters toes like I had designed them. Another time though, after more practise.