Modelling Dreadlocks experiment: July 6 / 7

I thought I might have a go at modelling some dreadlocks for Kuirau’s head, using a cylinder shape to begin with, extruding and shaping it against my original Kuirau reference. The idea being to create a few main ones and then duplicate them and attach them to the head after assigning colour to them.

Arnold, S.J (2020, July 6). First dread modelled against reference image. Screenshot by author

I quickly modelled a low poly cylinder and scaled and rotated in vertex mode to create the first ‘dread’

Arnold, S.J (2020, July 6). Duplicated dread flipped and re shaped for other side. Screenshot by author

Once the first one was done I duplicated it, flipped it and moved it to the other side where I reshaped it against the reference image again.

Arnold, S.J (2020, July 7). Another duplicated and re shaped dread. Screenshot by author

Staying with the left side I quickly duplicated and reshaped the third dread.

Arnold, S.J (2020, July 7). Testing coloured dreads for how they will look on Kuirau’s head. Screenshot by author

I grouped all of the dreads together and assigned a colour to them. Then I positioned them over the head to see how they were looking. I think they will be cool. I need to look more into effects for hair down the track, so that it moves correctly when the character does, but for this exercise they will just sit on the character who I will not be animating as I simply do not have time.