Environment Storyboard composition: June 14

I revisited the photographs I took in Rotorua for creating the environment for my character. I thought maybe I could use one of the overall scene shots to form the background in my Maya scene. I also started watching the cool tutorial from Ross Draws that Klaasz put up in the Lesson Plan folder for CGI502 “Tutorials”:

Ross Draws. (2019, May 18). Illustration Master Course – Ep. 4: LANDSCAPES & ENVIRONMENTS [Video]. YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKXkTDSvb1k&list=PLfZKSEMcBg3WLcxY5nbNMB4K2rqG6c9cv&t=0s

In this tutorial the guy mocks up his environment storyboard using a tablet. importing images from an asset folder he has created from nature images sourced from all over the internet. He talks about the importance of conveying all the information the viewer needs in one second, i.e don’t over do it. They just need to know where the characters have come from, where they are going and what will happen next. He begins with thumbnail sketches to decide what is going to be in the scene, what the scale is going to be and then what is in the foreground, middle ground and back ground. Then he works on each of these elements separately.

Unfortunately I did not get time to come back to this in this semester. It is full of great advice though and I really want to have a go so will revisit in my own time after the course ends.