#CGI502 Character Design and Research Developed

Development and a change of direction of the character based on a New Zealand environment.

my first idea was to do a spirit like bush fairy and as I drew sketches of the pointy ears and played with different features I started leaning towards a more hunched over goblin looking creature, I picture this creature living in the mountain trails of the south island hiding among the rocks and stealing trampers food and valuables.

The idea I had for a fern cloak on the fairy-like character slowly turned into a humanoid Kea then to a Kea feather cape which led me to wanting the features of the goblin man itself to have features resembling the native bird e.g a hooked nose and dark scaly eyes.

The Kea based accessories led me to look at the environment the Kea lives in.

I wanted the skin tone to resemble the light grey mossy rocks that litter the mountains and his hair to be the thick wild grass and bushes to blend into the environment .

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