#CGI503 Camera animated on a path

Today we learnt camera animation and how to put a camera on a drawn track.

Figured out how to change the speed the camera travels across the line by double clicking the frame number at the end of the line which opens up the attribute editor and you can adjust the amount of frames it takes for the object to get from point A to point B.

I was struggling to rotate the camera when it was bonded to a path but in the attribute editor there is a setting for ‘world type up’ if I set this to Object up and then input the name of a physical shape layer the camera will point towards that object, the object can be hidden and key framed which could be useful for camera control.

In the animation graph window I was struggling to have the paths behave how I wanted but after some clicking around I figured out how to move the handles independently by selecting the ‘break’ and ‘combine’ buttons highlighted below.


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