#CGI502 Texturing with Arnold

These are some of the main Maya textures.

Lambert: Default Maya texture, changing lambert1 (the default grey) texture is not recommended. Lambert is not shiny and does not have reflections.

Blinn: Similar to Lambert but has spectacular shading options for reflectivity and Eccentricity.

PhongE: Has options for highlight size and roughness of highlight.

Anisotropic: has options for the direction of reflectivity

aiStandardsurface is a Arnold texture and has a lot of interesting options and presets such as ‘car paint’ and ‘rubber’

in the IOR setting you can click on the work IOR which brings up separate presets for reflectivity

Learned how to use the Paint 3D textures option and how once you save a painted texture you can then edit it in Photoshop to add more detail or change colors ect

Also went through basic UV mapping but my brain shut down when it got to the remapping a complex object part so I’ll call it a day.

Can increade / decrease a selection by one face by clicking (shift+< or shift+>)


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