Boblin Character Progress

Progress on the Goblin character. I am enjoying using sculpting tools and soft selection.

concerned that my model might be too high poly but am doing my best to keep the count lower but I think I am doing okay in terms of making the character look how I envisioned so far. He doesn’t have any of the accessories or fauna on him yet but so far I’m happy with the Kea beak shaped nose I wanted, I added little dips above the nostrils to resemble a Kea’s nostrils

Here’s a good look at the beak –

White, M. (2020, February 26). keaKea-thumb.jpg. Retrieved from

I find it easier modeling from a image next to the modeling window as opposed to trying to match it exactly to the reference image as it allows me to make small changes (like the shape of the ears) without worrying if they look exactly the same.


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