#CGI502 Arnold Lighting and aiStandardSurface Shaders

Today we were able to play with and better understand how the Arnold renderer works and how different materials and lights work when rendering with Arnold

mapped the color of the sky dome light to a image of a ocean sunset which can be seen reflected off of the cones. I also set the camera visibility to 0 which is why the background is black as opposed to visible like the bubbles image below.

some helpful points that were puzzling me:

  • Arnold can’t render ambient lighting so that’s why some of the available lighting will not show up in the render leaving your scene blank.
  • In the aiStandardsurface shader the ‘transparent or opaque’ setting is called Transmission you can then add coat or sheen to add color to the transparency
  • Subsurface is like a light bleed which is great if you have something like a ear which turns red as light passes through it.
  • Arnold transparency is on a per object basis and can be selected in the shape options in the attribute editor under the Arnold tab.

We also learnt more about UV textures and Texture maps


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