Remaking Goblin V2

I decided I did not like how my model looked or moved at all after a quick rig and a simple walk test. It was time to revamp!

This time I primarily used Zbrush to create the model, I wanted a more stylized / Cartoon model not a creepy one.

making a bumpy skin texture with subsurface scatter

The second version was much better in my opinion and I was happy with the outcome. However I was getting strange seams on my texture.

After some searching I believed this to be a issue with my UV and the way I used Maya’s automatic UV modes for moving over to Substance painter so I went ahead and cut and sew my own UV map and was happy with the result.

however this did not fix the seams problem.

after some more searching I found this tutorial online and it helped a small amount in fixing the seam issue.

Now instead of a hard seam like before I had a soft seam.

I couldn’t for the life of me find a solution I started playing with the aiStandard settings in Maya and found that my bump map was set to ‘Tangent space Normal’ and when changing to ‘Object space Normal’ it fixed the issue I was having. such a simple fix.

I then manually added the subsurface effect to the grainy bumpy texture I had made for the model. I didn’t want to go overboard on detail for my texture as I really wanted a super simple result as I thought my last was too messy and that wasn’t the effect I wanted.

Bar the missing teeth I was happy

Some Comparisons

I then added a quick rig and a nCloth to see how it would look.

To create the texture I color picked from this image I took up near Rainbow Ski Field since its the kind of environment I want the goblin to live in.
the red for the subsurface the grey for the subtle stone texture and the brown for the bumpy skin, there is also a small amount of green from the moss painted around
Sarah Wallace. (n.d.). Untitled Personal Photograph [Photograph]

I also photographed this moss and a couple other textures which I am considering using for the cape and pants the character will be wearing.



  1. The remake is really well done. It is much simpler and subtler and most importantly easier to read the character. The walk cycle for your previous model had a nice and spooky gait, and I’d consider reusing it, maybe a bit tweaked as your new character isn’t as creepy like you said, but it might give off a cautious sort of vibe, like they are a very cautious creature. Taking pictures as a colour reference is a great idea and definitely helps to make it fit the environment better.
    Depending on how big the character is supposed to be, I’d dial down the subsurface a pit as you get the effect through his arm. I think there is something in substance painter where you can paint thickness to influence where the subsurface is stronger.

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