Animation Layers / First animation

Mentor, A. (2020). Free Animation Rigs. Retrieved 6 May 2020, from

I got the ‘Stewart’ model from the Animation Mentor website and a dance clip from You-Tube as a reference.

I cropped the reference video down and exported through premier as a PNG sequence so I could import as image plane into my scene.

The rig is fairly nice to use however there are a couple of points of the rig where the joints stick out, selecting these especially on the elbow became very annoying.

I animated this using the auto keyframe setting which I found useful and used Animation Layers to animate the fingers and a slight breathing. I can see animation layers being useful for refining an animation without affecting other aspects of your sequence.

The only problem I really had was with the model not having any kind of rotation restrictions so I had to try make sure the limbs weren’t twisting at strange angles and for my first animation without a tutorial although nowhere near perfect I am a bit proud of the result.

Twice. (2020). TWICE “FANCY” Dance Practice Video. Retrieved 6 May 2020, from



  1. Your animation is amazing Sarah! The movements seem quite natural and realistic

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