Artist Influence Oliver Latter

A 3D artist that inspires me is Oliver Latter he is known for creating strange procedural effects that are strangely satisfying and gross to watch.

A interview with Oliver about his work

Oliver tends to use Houdini for a lot of his effects, he says in this interview and that he likes to use light tones and even lighting as to not disgust the viewer.

Oliver won’t outright say what the work is about specifically but he wants the audience to think “what is this about?” and question if there is a deeper meaning in his work which is also how he engages with his audience.

Oliver’s work seems to be unique and and inspired me to try use more procedural effects such as ncloth and water simulation in my character and environment.

I couldn’t be too sure on what exact techniques Oliver uses to create his clips as I am not personally familiar with Houdini yet but his work is the kind of strange that you cant seem to look away from and it inspired me to want to create more procedural effects and hopefully learn houdini in the future.


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