Hand-In and final Boblin Renders / Reflection

All files can be found in R:\Students\SarahW\hand_in_26_06_2020


I posed Boblin using a Falmer image as a reference since the creature was a inspiration for my character

The Elder Scrolls Wiki. (n.d.). Falmer (Skyrim). Elder Scrolls. https://elderscrolls.fandom.com/wiki/Falmer_(Skyrim)

for the cape and loin I simply sculpted the mesh to be in a static position for this situation, I imagined this would be the pose Boblin would make after jumping off of a rock or log while scavenging for scraps in the mountains.

Overall I think the model turned out okay, there are still some unwanted deformations and the model moves in strange ways.
If I were to start again now with I would pay more attention to the topology of my character to ensure proper deformations.

I also think that I need to come up with a structured plan from the start for creating characters / scenes and jot down cleanly what steps I should do in what order and stick to a structured timeframe.
My time management wasn’t bad and I spent a lot of time at home working on the character but most of my planning was just quick notes in my workbook so I think a structured plan would have sped up my process more, overall I have learned a lot and think I even when I was frustrated with a problem I found I was getting faster at doing the same task when I would try again the next time.

I did like the details I put on the skin texture like the slight yellowing around the eyes and the crack on his chest.

Peer feedback was very useful, Jono in particular made a suggestion on the character to turn down the subsurface scattering as it was making the model look smaller than anticipated which I agree with and I think it makes the model look better. The peer feedback with Jaxon was also helpful.
I also enjoyed helping classmates when I could with problems they were having in various areas.


The environment was fun to make and it made me realize the importance of texturing and having a style in mind.

If I were to start the project again from scratch I would take into account and plan what style I wanted my model to be whether it be cartoony or realistic and create assets that matched, but because I didn’t consider this at the start all I could do was try make it look as good as possible to match the model.

I liked the water I made by using a bifrost water simulation to get the shape and the way the leaves look with the light shining through.

https://youtu.be/bWDSn6I_JyE (Youtube Turntable) file is also in folder on R drive



  1. This looks great Sarah, I love how you have done the environment too. Really cool seeing the reflection of Boblin’s feet and legs in the water. Watching the turntable rotate I was wondering what your little character was thinking as he stares at the water, you have created a pensive mood and a great atmosphere just by how you have posed the character. Awesome job.

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