Dance Animation

I started with a basic outline for my animation.

In this outline I ended up changing out the Rig as the Merry rig’s knee joints would glitch out if the feet were moved . I ended up using a rig called Lou wjich was rigged with the advanced skeleton rigging plugin

Dmitry DanilovPRO. (2019). Lou rig. Gumroad.

my animation plan was rather simple as most of my animation was based on a pre-existing source material otherwise I would have filmed myself or a friend as a reference.

I started by getting a rough animation sorted based on the reference footage

For a bit of fun I recolored her shirt in Photoshop to match the reference

I tend to focus on details a bit too much when blocking which is something I’d like to get better at in future.

I then worked on refining and rendering, I wanted to use higher render settings to have less grain but the render time was going to be too long for this project. otherwise I like the lights.
I also think that at points the animation is stiff in parts and I think with practice this could be something I get better at.

My biggest problem was with joints rotating the wrong way between keyframes but I used the graph editor to adjust the curves to offset this.


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