Presenting Zoe and Morgan, Designers of Fine Jewelry

I would like to present the work of New Zealand jewelry designers, Zoe and Morgan. Based in Auckland, they are makers of fine gold and silver jewelry, original in composition and shape, and set with a range of beautiful gemstones. A sibling team, Zoe and Morgan were born in the UK and emigrated here as children. They were always awestruck by their father’s traditionally styled silver and goldsmithing, fascinated with his creations. While they enjoyed their own careers separate from design, they rediscovered their love of metallurgy and gemstones as young adults when Morgan traveled to India and discovered a handful of gorgeous stones.

Their creations are all unique and whimsical, making a statement through bold shapes and fine detail. All of their jewellery is light and well designed for comfort and ease of wear, while accenting the wearer’s personality in a subtle, balanced way. They categorize pieces by star sign, among other themes, on their website. It’s clear that they put great thought into each piece, taking inspiration from nature- in their own way, including pendants such as the “Volcano” necklace, actually resembling the shape of the top of a volcano. I have always searched for delicate silver jewelry that departed the “norms” of fine jewelry, and it is surprisingly difficult to track down. Finally, I have discovered designers that can translate experiences, emotions and ideas (all involving places of great natural power and beauty) into simple, subtle and beautifully designed pieces! I would love to share my love of their creations with any Nelsonians interested in design or jewelry, possibly increasing their reach in the south island and promoting their entrepreneurial business!

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