Jens Hansen Ringmakers: an analysis of brand promotion and presentation

Jens Hansen jewellers, famous for their creation of the One Ring for Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy, started his business right here in sunny Nelson. Their shop is in a central CBD location and features a beautiful storefront, inviting potential customers inside and adding to the brand’s polished image.

Since opening in ’68, the business has steadily grown to reach a global customer base and is acclaimed worldwide. The company made the wise choice to promote themselves extensively through social media accounts; using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Google + to increase their reach. They fit the promotional posts and advertisements to each platform; using everything from happy reviews on Facebook, to call-to-action, persuasive marketing on twitter (“What’s a better Valentines gift than a piece handcrafted to last a lifetime?“) to GIFs on tumblr or glamour photography on Instagram.

Their Facebook and Youtube accounts appeal to the viewers’ emotions, sharing “legacy” photos (some even of family members as children) and compelling videos- they promote themselves as true craftsmen, with a legacy to share. This works very well as everyone loves a feeling of supporting family business; seeing snippets of their lives; supporting hard work and quality craftsmanship. The Youtube channel also shares production videos and slideshows, piquing the interests of potential customers. We always want to know “how is it made?”

Their Pinterest account is obviously well maintained as well, featuring many boards related to their works.

They also have developed a ring buyer’s guidebook, which is a handy way to promote themselves, inform the customer, and help ensure a satisfying purchase and experience. A great idea, I imagine this allows the buyer to relax and enjoy while picking/planning a ring.

Their website is beautifully designed; easy to navigate and as polished as the one ring! Across the top of the home page is a bar showing “as seen in…” and various logos from around the world, such as BBC, instantly informing the viewer of their massive international success. Accompanying these are a couple of their own icons, with explanations of a lifetime guarantee and free shipping. This gives a great first impression. It is also cool to note they include a photo of Jens back in the 70s (those mustaches and bellbottoms!) sitting around a table with associates.

Overall, the frequent posting across a range of social media, combined with the beautiful website, seems to be an incredible tool for brand promotion. A quality product, presented by those who know how it’s done!

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