A Presentation for Designers everywhere: Entrepreneurship and online Brand Promotion

This semester, I have been working towards and on a Powerpoint Presentation of a brand I enjoy and believe in. It is none other than the previously featured Zoe and Morgan Jewelers, located in Auckland and London. Though these two retail locations exist, much of their sales are online purchases. I am investigating their website/social media promotion tactics, and will be discussing these and comparing them with other brands’ approaches. I will be discussing UI- what is it, and why is it important in your company’s website/app? As well as marketing strategies I believe the brand is employing well.  The presentation will be created in a format meant to be addressed to any designers and/or entrepreneurs  wishing to look into and discuss brand promotion via the internet.

The presentation will be given to my class and tutor on the 26th.  Nerves and excitement, nerves and excitement…

I’m quite exited to use Powerpoint for the first time. This will certainly be an interesting experience, and a valuable chance to improve my public speaking. A crucial skill for the designer/entrepreneur path I’m on!


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