Redesign logo craft

The logo I chose to redesign is ZhongCha(中茶) company. It is a Chinese tea company founded in 1949. member enterprise of COFCO, It is one of the important enterprises in China’s tea industry.

This is the original logo of the company. I don’t think the logo is can reflect the characteristics of the company. People can’t connect it with tea when they see this sign.

Tea has a long history in the world, especially in China. Tea, porcelain and silk were once the most popular commodities in China’s foreign trade. China’s ancient tea horse road and silk road are important records of ancient foreign trade. Tea is also necessary for every family,and have important role in social.

I passivate the sharp corners on the edge of tea, because tea doesn’t give people a sharp feeling in terms of taste, color or appearance.

Tea, tea cup and water are inseparable, so I want to add the elements of tea cup and water on the logo. Tea grows mostly in southern China. Tea of northern and Western mostly comes from transportation, which requires horses and camels. I also tried to add horses and camels as elements to the logo, too.

But this idea failed. I can`t integrate these four elements harmoniously and aesthetically.

After scan a series of logos on the Internet, the lip of the tea cup reminds me of the Chinese stamp, it also can express the sense of history very well. The irregular edge of the stamp can be understood as a trace of time.

I also want to make the top of the stamp into the shape of a mountain. But it looks too complex.

The circle outside the seal is Chinese characters 中, which is part of the company name and can be used as decoration.