Week 2 Restyling Logo

I browsed week3’s homework and hoped that the later homework could give me some inspiration. Unilever’s logo attracted me. It harmoniously combines many completely different elements, and that idea is similar to mine — put tea, tea cup, water, car, boat, history…together.

Using Unilever’s design method for reference, leave space between different elements, and then combine them into a shape, like a jigsaw puzzle.

The base of the tea cup is a hand, symbolizing the hard-working and diligent tea farmers’ planting, picking and making tea, holding a tea trees ; above the tea tree is the mountain, because tea trees grows in the mountain; above the mountain are horse, oceans and ship, symbolizing transporting the tea to the world. These are unified in a teacup shape.

I don`t know how to draw horse before so copy few from Internet

But it now looks more like the logo of a company that specializes in transporting tea than the brand that makes tea. So I removed the horse, the ocean and the boat. Enlarge the part of farmers’ hands and use them to form the shape of a tea cup. Teas are on the hand, mountain are on the teas. At the lip of the cup mouth is converged by water droplets and gradually becomes arm and hand, symbolizing the water injected into the tea cup.

That is all about tea logo design, maybe I`ll change it a little bit when making at software 🙂